5 reasons why you'll fall in love with Batik

1. It’s one-of-kind, literally

A hand-drawn batik cloth can’t be replicated, even by the same artisan who draws them. Mood, energy, time, weather, they all make a difference to the final fabric so at any given time, there’s only that one and only batik in the world. How’s that for an exclusivity!

Traditional Batik tool being used to make new fabric.
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2. It’s bold, daring, a piece that will turn heads

Because of its drawing intricacies and rich pattern, batik cloth is striking and demands attention. It's full of colours and beautiful symbols that will make people do double take when seeing it on the streets.

3. It bows and pays respect to the elder generations and to the history it carries.

First record of its artwork traced its way back to 1800s. Many Indonesian batik patterns are symbolic.  It conveys hope and wishes of strength, fertility, harmony, luck. From parents to children, between lovers, from people to its kings. Or it simply captures the beauty of surrounding nature. Batik in essence, is an archive of decades of stories.

4. It inspires us to dress well.

After all, a piece that is slowly and meticulously crafted by hand deserves to be paired with other beautiful and thoughtful pieces, right?

5. It triggers conversation

For all the reasons above! I lost count on how many times people would comment on how beautiful batik is when I carry them and often it becomes the main topic of the chat. Humanity evolves with dialogues and conversation and after all, isn't that what art ultimately does?

I did type 5 because that seems to be a good rounded number (ha!). I do personally think that there is one ultimate reason though and one word to describe why I love Batik and that is meaningful. If I type that in Google to find a synonym, it will say purposeful as well. I think there are too many of us that go through life unconsciously without blinking, that we wake up everyday and get on on the train just because everyone else does. We always yearn for that storm to pass that we say to ourselves that someday I'll be where I'm supposed to be, but until then, I'll just carry on. And just like that, life passes us by in a blink of an eye.

Our favourite clutch on top of a map of Melbourne.

I do long for a meaningful life and to savour the moments, to stop and ponder and make deliberate choices for each walk, dance, stroke. Just like when the artisan makes the batik cloth, full of purpose. I think maybe that's why I choose to be doing this, as Batik is the representation of everything that I'm aspired to, one that gives me constant inspiration for a meaningful life.

As Malcolm Gladwell wrote “It's not how much money we make that ultimately makes us happy between nine and five. It's whether or not our work fulfills us."

I hope that where ever you are in this journey called life, that you live a life that is meaningful by your own definition of course.

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