The Story Behind Our Lurik Tote Bag

Lurik and epitomi

For someone who has healthy obsession with stripes (and dots and patterns), it's a no brainer that sooner or later, I'll be eyeing on Lurik to add to the collection. Whilst Batik is almost always rich and striking, I love the humbleness and the simplicity the striped Lurik fabric offers. It's calming and soothing to the eyes and soul, don't you think?

But also,

On a pure self-serving note, whilst the process to produce Lurik is equally intricate and slow and therefore availability is still limited, repeatable pattern in future is possible.

This means I can better manage production and inventory =D (unlike Batik where when hand-drawn, it's almost impossible to reproduce exactly the same fabric which makes production a little stressful!) Lurik also provides a more monotone background which means the possibility of design is limitless and it opens up many creative options, stay tuned on this!

The Design Thinking

My goal is simple, that I ask these questions (in fact, the same principle applies when designing for our batik bags):

  • Does it champion the lurik?
  • Can I perch it anywhere in the house and it instantly becomes an object of art? The cloth itself is truly an art!
  • Do I feel good and confident carrying it?

Choosing the pattern and colourways are on different ball game, I guess there's no certain formula. Just like everything else, I go with those that call my name and sometimes the colours come first then the design to shape them. In this case, it was the later. I was lurking instagram finding the right Lurik when I came across a striking green, yellow and black pattern that depicts very much of a Forest and another one, dyed with surrounding natural plants that reminds me about the soothing Terracota. A spectrum and balance of bold and calm.

Our special Mount Bromo handle

I wanted to explore other materials than leather and was attracted to resin for the modern element it brings. I also wanted a customised shape as I felt it was an opportunity to tell as much stories as I can!

I knew it had to be something Indonesia's and poured over all the monuments, iconic spots even the flora and fauna when I came across a picture of the majestic Mount Bromo and I knew this was it! The rest is history.

No, not really as turned out it wasn't easy to find customised resin until I found furniture producer in Jepara who's been making a wood table combined with resin and their answer was 'cool, let's try it!' (blessed all the vendors I've had the privilege to work with for their can-do attitude). The grey-ish and terracota colours were then picked to represent the clouds where the mountains peak and the earth where they perch. Or in Indonesia, I'd say 'berpijak di bumi, menatap langit' which to me means being grounded but also aiming high.

But hang on, it doesn't come with a long strap?

Do you know how Apple no longer has earphones or chargers with their new phones because the world is already full of them? I can't vouch the validity of Apple's reasoning, but with the same reasoning that our Lurik bags currently don't come with long straps. It's friendlier to the environment with less waste plus adding elements will increase price, which we try to maintain as reasonable as we can. We still include the loop though so you can mix and match your favourite straps! Rest assured that if you really want to get one, we can help you source them, just hit us up!

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